Employability Skills
Domain or trade skill training give students technical knowledge and practice for doing a job. In addition to those skills, employers look for other skills like Communication, Self Management, ICT Skills, Entrepreneurial mindsets and Green Skills which are not trade related, but help new employees do the job better - in a team, with customers. These are called employability skills and many apply across different trades and sectors. These common skills have been now captured in a common textbook on "Employability Skills" which complements the trade skills and which students in all trades will learn. To make teaching and learning such new (and potentially unfamiliar) employability skills for Communication, Self Management and ICT easy and effective, PSSCIVE has supplemented the Student Textbook and Teachers Handbooks with video-based interactive multi-media e-Learning (with activities and formative assessments included within the modules) which is integrated into these lessons. These lessons can be taught by the teacher in the classroom using a projector and speaker. They can also be taken by students on their own devices if they want to. To login and access these E-Lessons, you will have to get access through your coordinators.

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