पं.सु.श सेंट्रल इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ वोकेशनल एजुकेशन
(राष्ट्रीय शैक्षिक अनुसंधान और प्रशिक्षण परिषद की एक घटक इकाई)
PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education
(A constituent unit of National Council of Educational Research and Training)
Shyamla Hills, Bhopal – 462013 Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
 +91 755 2660691, 2704100, 2660391, 2660564     Fax +91 755 2660481
Faculty Contractual
S.No. Name Designation Subject Department Telephone Mobile Email Birthday
1 Dr. Nitu Dubey Assistant Professor Hindi Language DBC 09926969391 nituadityadubey[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Mr. Sushant Kamble Assistant Professor Education CDEC 07019473757 ksushant911[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Ms. Sonam Sirwaiya Assistant Professor Horticulture DAAH 08827233292 sonamsirwaiya000[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Dr. Ajay Haldar Assistant Professor Horticulture DAAH 09303701616 ajayhldr[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Dr. Preeti Dixit Assistant Professor Food Processing DAAH 07798254759 preetidixit07[at]yahoo[dot]com
6 Ms. Mukur Ganguly Assistant Professor Soil & Water Testing Lab Assistant DAAH 09893562791 ganguly[dot]mukur[at]gmail[dot]com
7 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Logistics and Supply Chain Management DBC 07839100563 abhishekbhu008[at]gmail[dot]com
8 Dr. Teena Mishra Assistant Professor Retail DBC 06265611453 teenamishra959[at]gmail[dot]com
9 Mr. Sunil Kumar Sahu Assistant Professor Travel and Tourism DBC 08109405909 sunilsahu835[at]gmail[dot]com
10 Dr. Satyendra Thakur Assistant Professor Agricultural Engineering DET 08319805807 thakursatyendra007[at]gmail[dot]com
11 Mr. Kuber Singh Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering DET 09131403920 kuber[dot]nitttr[at]gmail[dot]com
12 Mr. Rizwan Alam Assistant Professor IT/ITes and IT Hardware DET 08630456389 riz[dot]alig[at]gmail[dot]com
13 Dr. Ganesh Kumar Dixit Assistant Professor IT/ITes and IT Software DET 09458477778 ganeshkumar[dot]dixit[at]gmail[dot]com
14 Mr. Abhinaw Kumar Dwivedi Assistant Professor Media and Entertainment DET 07000912062 abhidhiru[at]gmail[dot]com
15 Mr. Rahul Deshmukh Assistant Professor Nursing DHPS 09754085824 rahul[dot]deshmukh489[at]gmail[dot]com
16 Ms. Sudha Tiwari Assistant Professor Health Education/Nutrition (Dietetics) DHPS 09174921489 sudhatiwari88[at]gmail[dot]com
17 Ms. Nupur Srivastava Assistant Professor Apparel Made-ups and Home Furnishing DHSHM 07289026378 nupur1602[at]gmail[dot]com
18 Shivangi Vig Assistant Professor Apparel Made-ups and Home Furnishing DHSHM 09599015022 shivangi[dot]vig23[at]gmail[dot]com
19 Dr. Kukila Goswami Assistant Librarian Library Central Library 08486934060 kukigoswami[at]gmail[dot]com