Contractual Staff
Sn Name Staff Designation Department Mobile
1. Shri. Akshay Sharma Computer Typist Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
2. Shri. Nitesh Mishra JPF Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
3. Dr. Rajesh Jatav Consultant Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
4. Shri. Vivek Sharma JPF Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
5. Dr. Ankita Pandey Consultant Business & Commerce
6. Shri. Dinesh Kumar Jayswal JPF Business & Commerce
7. Dr. Geeta Tomar Consultant Business & Commerce
8. Ms. Israt Khan DTP Operator Business & Commerce
9. Sh. Mohd.Shafeeq DTP Operator Business & Commerce
10. Ms. Pinki Tiwari Graphics Designer Business & Commerce
11. Dr. Rajesh K.Sharma Consultant Business & Commerce
12. Dr. Rajiv Jain Consultant Business & Commerce
13. Shri. Rajkumar Dhoke Computer Typist Business & Commerce
14. Shri. Vikash Kumar Kogey Graphics Artist Business & Commerce
15. Dr. Hemlata Baghel Consultant CDEC
16. Shri. Avinash Kumar Singh Consultant Engineering & Technology
17. Shri. Jayant Mishra Consultant Engineering & Technology
18. Shri. Kuber Singh Patel JPF Engineering & Technology
19. Shri. Parag Shrivastava Consultant Engineering & Technology
20. Shri. Sudheer Kumar Arya Computer Programmer Engineering & Technology
21. Shri. Sunil Kumar Dudhe System Analyst Engineering & Technology
22. Shri. Vivek Kumar Verma Network Administrator Engineering & Technology
23. Dr. Deepa C Consultant Health and Paramedical Sciences
24. Dr. V.A Joshi Consultant Health and Paramedical Sciences
25. Dr. Nishi Sharma Consultant Home Science and Hospitality Management
26. Ms. Ruchi Mishra JPF Home Science and Hospitality Management
27. Shri. Surendra K. Badkur DTP Operator Humanities Science,Education and Research