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Agriculture is the most important sector in Indian economy, as it forms the mainstay for food security and provide livelihood to about 52% of the working population in India. In order to fulfill the need of middle level skilled manpower in agriculture and allied sectors, the Department of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry (DAAH) has been involved in designing and developing vocational courses and teaching-learning materials in different areas of agriculture and allied sector. It has developed more than 32 curricula, 11 practical manuals for pre-vocational education and 55 textbooks and practical manuals for +2 level (Class 11 & 12) vocational courses and is now involved in designing and developing modular competency based curricula and courseware for vocational subjects in schools under the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). Besides developing courses, the Department is also involved in training key functionaries and teachers and conducting researches in vocational education.

Focus Area
One of the functions of the Department is to identify the major thrust areas on which the Department should focus in the next 5-10 years for developing middle level skilled human resource. Some of the areas identified in agriculture and allied sectors are as follows:
  1. Apiculture
  2. Dairy Technology
  3. Floriculture
  4. Floristry
  5. Food Processing (Crop and Animal based)
  6. Green House Technology
  7. Nursery Management
  8. Organic Farming
  9. Post Harvest Management
  10. Protected Cultivation
  11. Quality Control of Agricultural Produce
  12. Crop Farming and Management
  13. Seed Production and Processing
  14. Sericulture
  15. Soil and Water Conservation
  16. Soil Health Testing
  17. Sheep Husbandry
  18. Vermicomposting
  19. Non-timber Forest Produce