Academic Departments Engineering & Technology



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Job Role



The Department of Engineering & Technology was established with the objective of designing and implementing programmes and activities for assessment of manpower and skill development needs, development of guidelines, competency based curricula and teaching-learning materials for courses related to engineering and technology. Besides research and development inputs, the Department conducts training sessions on the use and applications of Information Technology. The department has developed 24 curricula, 12 pre-vocational modules and 32 textbooks and practical manuals for +2 level (Grade XI & XII) vocational courses.

Focus Area
  1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  2. Animation
  3. Automobile Workshop Engineering & Technology
  4. Construction and Mechanical Technologies
  5. Computer Aided Design & Drafting
  6. Computer Technology
  7. Digital Technology
  8. Electrical Technology
  9. Energy
  10. Environmental Engineering
  11. Fabrication Technology
  12. Fibre Engineering and Technology
  13. Furniture Manufacturing
  14. Information Technology
  15. Mechatronics
  16. Mining Engineering & Technology
  17. Optical Engineering & Technology
  18. Painting Technology
  19. Plastic Technology
  20. Processing Technology
  21. Rubber Technology
  22. Rural Engineering Technology
  23. Solid Waste Management
  24. Transport Engineering