Learning Outcome Based Curricula for the Vocational Subjects at Secondary (Class IX - X) and Higher Secondary Education (Class XI - XII) for Job Roles approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India under the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).
Vocational Curricula for Job Roles under NSQF in Two Year Pattern from Class (IX - XII)
Sector Job Role with QP Code for Class IX & X Job Role with QP Code for Class XI & XII
Agriculture Animal Health Worker (AGR/Q4804) Dairy Farmer / Entrepreneur (AGR/Q4101)
Dairy Worker (AGR/Q4102) Floriculturist (Open Cultivation) (AGR/Q0701)
Paddy Farmer (AGR/Q0101) Floriculturist (Protected Cultivation) (AGR/Q0702)
Solanaceous Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0402) Gardener (AGR/Q0801)
Vermicompost Producer (AGR/Q1203) Tuber Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0403)
Bamboo Grower (AGR/Q6101) Dairy Farmer / Entrepreneur (AGR/Q4101)
Citrus Fruit Grower (AGR/Q0303) Organic Grower (AGR/Q1201)
Mango Grower (AGR/Q0302) Sericulturist (AGR/Q5201)
Pulses Cultivator (AGR/Q0104) Agriculture Machinery Operator (AGR/Q1103)
Spice Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0603) Irrigation Service Technician (AGR/Q1104)
Vegetable Cultivation (NA) Microirrigation Technician (AGR/Q1002)
Small Poultry Farmer (AGR/Q4306)
Apparels , Made ups & Home Furnishing Hand Embroiderer (AMH/Q1001) Self Employed Tailor (AMH/Q1947)
Hand Embroiderer Addawala (AMH/Q1010) Specialized Sewing Machine Operator (AMH/Q2301)
Sewing Machine Operator (AMH/Q0301) Embroidery Machine Operator (AMH/Q0801)
Assistant Fashion Designer (AMH/Q1210)
Export Assistant (AMH/Q1601)
Fabric Checker (AMH/Q0101)
In-line Checker (AMH/Q0102)
Packer (AMH/Q1407)
Store Keeper (AMH/Q0501)
Automotive Automotive Service Technician L-3 (ASC/Q1401) Automotive Service Technician L-4 (ASC/Q1402)
Auto Service Technician(Two and Three Wheeler) (ASC/Q1411)
Beauty & Wellness Assistant Beauty Therapist (BWS/Q0101) Beauty Therapist (BWS/Q0102)
Assistant Beauty Wellness Consultant (BWS/Q4001) Yoga Instructor (BWS/Q2201)
Assistant Hair stylist (BWS/Q0201) Hair Stylist (BWS/Q0202)
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Microfinance Executive(BSC/Q2401) Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator (BSC/Q8401)
Mutual Fund Agent (BSC/Q3802)
Construction Assistant Mason (CON/Q0102) Mason General (CON/Q0103)
Construction Painter and Decorator (CON/QP0503)
Electronics Wireman Control Panel (ELE/Q7302)
Electronics and Hardware Field Technician-Other Home Appliances (ELE/Q3104) Field Technician Washing Machine (ELE/Q3106)
Field Technician - Air Conditioner (ELE/Q3102)
Field Technician Refrigerator (ELE/Q3103)
Installation Technician Computing and Peripherals (ELE/Q4609)
Field Technician Computing and Peripherals (ELE/Q4601)
Food Processing Baking Technician (FIC/Q5005) Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician (FIC/Q0103)
Fruit Pulp Processing Technician (FIC/Q0106)
Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002)
Healthcare Home Health Aide (HSS/Q5102) Frontline Health Worker (HSS/Q8601)
Diet Assistant (HSS/Q5201) Diet Assistant (HSS/Q5201)
General Duty Assistant (HSS/Q5101)
Vision Technician (HSS/Q3001)
IT/ITeS Domestic Data Entry Operator (SSC/Q2212)
CRM Domestic Voice (SSC/Q2210)
Domestic Biometric Data Operator (SSC/Q2213)
Junior Software Developer (SSC/Q0508)
Retail Cashier (RAS/Q0102) Trainee Associate (RAS/Q0103)
Store Operations Assistant (RAS/Q0101) Individual Sales Professional (RAS/Q0201)
Distributor Salesman (RAS/Q0604)
Sales Associate (RAS/Q0104)
Digital Cataloguer (RAS/Q0302)
Seller Activation Executive (RAS/Q0301)
Physical Education Early Years Physical Activity Facilitator (SPF/Q4004) Fitness Trainer (SPF/Q1102)
Primary Years Physical Activity Facilitator (SPF/Q4005)
Plumbing Plumber General (PSC/Q0104) Plumber General II (PSC/Q0110)
Power Consumer Energy Meter Technician (PSS/Q0107) Distribution Lineman (PSS/Q0102)
Cable Jointer Electrical Power system (PSS/Q1002)
Private Security Unarmed Security Guard (MEPQ/7101)  
Telecom Optical Fiber Splicer (TEL/Q6400) Optical Fiber Technician (TEL/Q6401)
Tourism and Hospitality Housekeeping Attendant- Manual Cleaning (THC/Q0203) Tour Guide (THC/Q4502)
Customer Service Executive (Meet & Greet)
Room Attendant (THC/Q0202)
Heritage Tour Guide (THC/Q4501)
Food and Beverage Service - Steward (THC/Q0301)
Food and Beverage Service Trainee (THC/Q0307) Counter Sales Executive (THC/Q2903)
Transportation Logistics and Warehouse Warehouse Binner (LSC/Q2105) Documentation Assistant (LSC/Q1122)
Consignment Tracking Executive (LSC/Q1121) Warehouse Quality Checker (LSC/Q2313)
Courier Delivery Executive (LSCQ3023)
Courier Sorter (LSCQ3026)
Courier Pick Up Executive (LSCQ3024)
Receiving_Assistant (LSC/Q2112) Shipment Query Handler (LSC/Q3031)
Media & Entertainment   Texturing Artist(MES/Q2503)
Story Board Artist (MES/Q0507) Roto Artist (MES/Q3504)
Multi skilling Multi Skill Technician Course (NA) Multi Skill Technician Course (NA)
NA (QP Code is Not Available)