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The Institute promotes and conducts research to gain new knowledge and to bring about qualitative improvement in Vocationalisation of secondary and higher secondary education.

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Development Programmes (DPs) are organized to develop curricula, student textbook and teacher guide for identified job roles under the scheme of Vocationalisation of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education introduced by MHRD, Government of India. The DPs are usually organized involving field experts, leading academicians from vocational institutional training centers, industries, and NGOs in the country.

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Training Programmes (TPs) are core programmes of PSSCIVE which address the specific needs identified by the States/UTs. They are usually organized in collaboration with state vocational authorities at PSSCIVE or at identified suitable location in the country. The concerned ministries and departments nominate participants for the TPs to these programmes. The programme themes and topics are based on emergent issues in VET sector, such as using ICT in Vocational Education, Entrepreneurial Skills Development, Vocational Skills Development, Generic Skills Development, etc.

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Extension activities are organized by the Institute to share experiences, ideas, developments and disseminate information on various aspects of vocational education and training.

  • The journal is published by the Institute bi-annually. Research papers, articles, case studies, book reviews related to vocational education and trainings are published in the journal.
  • Bulletin on Vocational Education: The quarterly bulletin on Vocational Education disseminates information on PSSCIVE activities related to Vocationalisation of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
  • Extension Lecture Series: The Institute organizes lectures of eminent educationists and industry representatives to learn from their experiences with reference to skill development.
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