Learning Outcome Based Curricula for the Vocational Subjects at Secondary (Class IX - X) and Higher Secondary Education (Class XI - XII) for Job Roles approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India under the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

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Sector Job Role with QP Code for Class IX & X Job Role with QP Code for Class XI & XII
Agriculture Animal Health Worker (AGR/Q4804) Dairy Farmer / Entrepreneur (AGR/Q4101)
Dairy Worker (AGR/Q4102) Floriculturist (Open Cultivation) (AGR/Q0701)
Paddy Farmer (AGR/Q0101) Floriculturist (Protected Cultivation) (AGR/Q0702)
Solanaceous Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0402) Gardener (AGR/Q0801)
Vermicompost Producer (AGR/Q1203) Tuber Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0403)
Bamboo Grower (AGR/Q6101) Dairy Farmer / Entrepreneur (AGR/Q4101)
Citrus Fruit Grower (AGR/Q0303) Organic Grower (AGR/Q1201)
Mango Grower (AGR/Q0302) Sericulturist (AGR/Q5201)
Pulses Cultivator (AGR/Q0104) Agriculture Machinery Operator (AGR/Q1103)
Spice Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0603) Irrigation Service Technician (AGR/Q1104)
Microirrigation Technician (AGR/Q1002)
Small Poultry Farmer (AGR/Q4306)
Solar Pump Technician (AGR/Q6701)
Soil and Water Testing Lab Assistant (AGR/Q8102)
Apparels , Made ups & Home Furnishing Hand Embroiderer (AMH/Q1001) Self Employed Tailor (AMH/Q1947)
Hand Embroiderer Addawala (AMH/Q1010) Specialized Sewing Machine Operator (AMH/Q2301)
Sewing Machine Operator (AMH/Q0301) Embroidery Machine Operator (AMH/Q0801)
Assistant Fashion Designer (AMH/Q1210)
Export Assistant (AMH/Q1601)
Fabric Checker (AMH/Q0101)
In-line Checker (AMH/Q0102)
Packer (AMH/Q1407)
Store Keeper (AMH/Q0501)
Automotive Automotive Service Technician L-3 (ASC/Q1401) Automotive Service Technician L-4 (ASC/Q1402)
Auto Service Technician(Two and Three Wheeler) (ASC/Q1411)
Beauty & Wellness Assistant Beauty Therapist (BWS/Q0101) Beauty Therapist (BWS/Q0102)
Assistant Beauty Wellness Consultant (BWS/Q4001) Yoga Instructor (BWS/Q2201)
Assistant Hair stylist (BWS/Q0201) Hair Stylist (BWS/Q0202)
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Microfinance Executive(BSC/Q2401) Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator (BSC/Q8401)
Mutual Fund Agent (BSC/Q3802)
Construction Assistant Mason (CON/Q0102) Mason General (CON/Q0103)
Construction Painter and Decorator (CON/QP0503)
Electronics Wireman Control Panel (ELE/Q7302)
Electronics Field Technician-Other Home Appliances (ELE/Q3104) Field Technician Washing Machine (ELE/Q3106)
Field Technician - Air Conditioner (ELE/Q3102)
Field Technician Refrigerator (ELE/Q3103)
Installation Technician Computing and Peripherals (ELE/Q4609)
Field Technician Computing and Peripherals (ELE/Q4601)
Food Processing Baking Technician (FIC/Q5005) Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician (FIC/Q0103)
Fruit Pulp Processing Technician (FIC/Q0106)
Craft Baker (FIC/Q5002)
Healthcare Home Health Aide (HSS/Q5102) Frontline Health Worker (HSS/Q8601)
Diet Assistant (HSS/Q5201) Diet Assistant (HSS/Q5201)
General Duty Assistant (HSS/Q5101)
Vision Technician (HSS/Q3001)
IT/ITeS Domestic Data Entry Operator (SSC/Q2212)
CRM Domestic Voice (SSC/Q2210)
Domestic Biometric Data Operator (SSC/Q2213)
Junior Software Developer (SSC/Q0508)
Retail Cashier (RAS/Q0102) Trainee Associate (RAS/Q0103)
Store Operations Assistant (RAS/Q0101) Individual Sales Professional (RAS/Q0201)
Distributor Salesman (RAS/Q0604)
Sales Associate (RAS/Q0104)
Digital Cataloguer (RAS/Q0302)
Seller Activation Executive (RAS/Q0301)
Physical Education Early Years Physical Activity Facilitator (SPF/Q4004) Fitness Trainer (SPF/Q1102)
Primary Years Physical Activity Facilitator (SPF/Q4005)
Plumbing Plumber General (PSC/Q0104) Plumber General II (PSC/Q0110)
Power Consumer Energy Meter Technician (PSS/Q0107) Distribution Lineman (PSS/Q0102)
Cable Jointer Electrical Power system (PSS/Q1002)
Private Security Unarmed Security Guard (MEPQ/7101)  
Telecom Optical Fiber Splicer (TEL/Q6400) Optical Fiber Technician (TEL/Q6401)
Tourism and Hospitality Housekeeping Attendant- Manual Cleaning (THC/Q0203) Tour Guide (THC/Q4502)
Front Office Associate (THC/Q0102)
Room Attendant (THC/Q0202)
Heritage Tour Guide (THC/Q4501)
Food and Beverage Service - Steward (THC/Q0301)
Guest House Caretaker (THC /Q0501)
Food and Beverage Service Trainee (THC/Q0307) Counter Sales Executive (THC/Q2903)
Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet) (THC/Q0101)
Transportation Logistics and Warehouse Warehouse Binner (LSC/Q2105) Documentation Assistant (LSC/Q1122)
Consignment Tracking Executive (LSC/Q1121) Warehouse Quality Checker (LSC/Q2313)
Courier Delivery Executive (LSCQ3023)
Courier Sorter (LSCQ3026)
Courier Pick Up Executive (LSCQ3024)
Receiving_Assistant (LSC/Q2112) Shipment Query Handler (LSC/Q3031)
Media & Entertainment   Texturing Artist(MES/Q2503)
Story Board Artist (MES/Q0507) Roto Artist (MES/Q3504)
Multi skilling Multi Skill Technician Course (NA) Multi Skill Technician Course (NA)