Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education, Bhopal


This section is contain institute staff details, which are as follows:

Name and Designation Level Department Intercom/Telephone office Number Email-ID

Mr. Harish Sapra

Under Secretary

Administration 9911829711 us[at]psscive[dot]ac[dot]in

Mr. Raju Borkar

Section Officer

Establishment Section 9479474321 borkarrajubpl[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Francis Demore

Section Officer

Campus & Welfare Section 9123456872 cwdpsscive[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Praveen Katolkar


JD Office 9424410360 praveenkatolkar73[at]gmail[dot]com

Mrs. Annie Philip

Senior Accountant

Accounts Section 9406542888 ms_annphil[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Mrs. Manisha Katolkar

Personal Assistant

Programme Planning and Monitoring Center 9407278737 manishakatolkar[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Mr. Durgesh Satankar

Co. Operator Gr. II

Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 9836521553 durgeshpsscive[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Vinod Kumar Soni

Co. Operator Gr. II

Department of Engineering and Technology 9424413801 vinod[dot]soni[at]psscive[dot]ac[dot]in

Mr. J.M. Wallace

Co. Operator Gr. II

Curriculum Development and Evaluation Center 9630066777 jmwallace1968[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Jivan B. Koli

Co. Operator Gr. II

Department of Health and Paramedical Sciences 8109242886 jivank2005[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Ram Bahadur K.

Junior Accountant

Accounts Section 9826738370 r[dot]bahadur[at]psscive[dot]ac[dot]in

Mr. K. Chalapathi Rao

Co. Operator Gr. III

Establishment Section 9754560878 klvsvcr[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Akhilesh Kashiv

Co. Operator Gr. III

Department of Home Science and Hospitality Management 9669220172 akhil_k97[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Mrs. Sangeeta Sortey

Co. Operator Gr. III

Department of Humanities, Science, Education and Research 9425392964 sangeetapsscive[at]gmail[dot]com

Mrs. Sunita Koli

Co. Operator Gr. III

Department of Business and Commerce 9827738562 sunjkoli[at]gmail[dot]com

Mrs. Mamta Varshney


Accounts Section 9617789239 mv128939[at]gmail[dot]com

Mrs. Jayashree Nair


Establishment Section 9406534356 jayashreenair1997[at]gmail[dot]com

Mrs. Rajani Balwani


Accounts Section 9039788454 rajanibalwani[at]gmail[dot]com

Mrs. Mamta Srivastava

Recp.t/EPABX Operator

Establishment Section 9926884407 mamtashrivastava19692017[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Bhola Prasad Janghela

Store Keeper Gr. II

Administration 9179110545 bholaprasadpsscive[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Shyam Basu


Campus & Welfare Section 6268873069 shyambasu[at]gmail[dot]com

Ms. Aparna Vyas

Library Clerk

Library 9406542446 aparnavyas[at]yahoo[dot]com

Mrs. Neel Kusum Ekka


Establishment Section 8285979702 ekka[dot]neelkusum[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Subodh Kumar U.


JD Office 9111803042 subodh[dot]kumar[at]psscive[dot]ac[dot]in

Mr. Babulal Malviya


JD Office 8109215423 b[dot]malviya[at]psscive[dot]ac[dot]in

Mr. Gour Sunder Nath


Campus & Welfare Section 9425377527 gournath0110[at]gmail[dot]com

Mr. Kamlesh Ahirwar


JD Office 7089894214 k[dot]ahirwar[at]psscive[dot]ac[dot]in

Mrs. D. Vimala


Establishment Section 9123456806 vimalamuthuraj88[at]gmail[dot]com